don't you just hate it when there's nothing but junk in your inbox?
i mean, not like cool emails letting you know what's up, but instead, just. junk.
i hate it.
which is why i keep my inbox stocked with about 500 emails at all times.
or at least that's my excuse. :D
here's the latest of the good-- not junky-- messages:
if you don't know about FredFlare.com by now, you're just not trying. anyway, these merited squeals of delight from me, so i'm giving you a heads-up despite that fact. they're speakers. not earbuds, but ENORMOUS SPEAKERS that plug into your earbuds. are you feelin' the irony? because let's be honest-- i'm all about the irony.
mnmm, fafarazzi. feelin' like you don't get enough out of each season of Project Runway? Survivor letting you down? compete against like-minded tv geeks with your own fantasy (insert name of show/sport/competition here) team. this week's spotlight is The Office. did i mention i like irony?
9.95 GBP
Portobello market in london kinda has a rep for featuring awesome artists before they become huge, much in the same way that presidential elections have a way of picking out the winners of the world series. or is it the other way around? i really don't know-- i'm so severely behind on sports that i wouldn't know a star quarterback if he bumped into me (although that might be because the fall would have given me a concussion). ANYWAY, this little book features 16 cool artists who all got their start at Portobello. and it's just cute.
$10 (plus a bag of clothes) to attend
yes ladies and gents, it's that time of year again!!! swap-o-rama-rama is back! if you can get a lift to NYC, go for it. basically the idea is that everyone brings a bag of clothes and the donations get sorted into piles. you may then raid the piles, and pick out whatever you like (you can take whatever you can carry). the beauty part is that there are super-crafty people (with supplies! and helpful instructions!) standing by to help you make something new and exciting out of the cast-offs of others, or at least to hand you a pair of scissors or advise you to reconsider the pleather pants. it's a good time for all, and whatever isn't used is donated to a local women's shelter. (raid your boyfriend's/girlfriend's/roommate's/ex-sister-in-law's closet while your at it; it's for a good cause.)
$20.00 each (+$5 for a custom engraving)
okay... i don't like to play favorites... but i am anyway. and yeah, this is it.
if you're not up on the whole Moleskine thing, here's the short version: Moleskine is a very chic type of pocket notebook utilized by such visionaries as Hemmingway and Picasso. the best thing (up until now) about these notebooks is that they come in a bazillion page styles, so you can write music in them (manuscript pages) sketch or paint in them (watercolor paper pages) write in them, of course (lined pages), create storyboards in them (um... storyboard pages?) or my favorite, a little bit of all of these, plus add in whatever stickers, concert tickets, or post-its you feel the urge to (plain white pages). HOWEVER, now everything has changed-- the worst thing about these used to be that the outsides were, well, uninspiring. i'm not sure how Hemmingway and Picasso pulled it off with such a boring looking book. but now, thanks to the creative visionaries at engraveyourbook.com, you can be inspiring, inside and out. choose from one of their lovely designs in the artist series, or upload your own art and have them use that for just $5 extra per book. feeling ambitious that your little pocket journal is going to end up being a Big Deal? engrave the spine with your name or the name of your soon-to-be bestselling novel.
if given the option, i bet even Hemmingway would have had more than a few words to say about it.