Five Style Icons

Okay. So, what happens when your closet is a bore, but you just went shopping? You're probably lacking inspiration.
So, with that in mind, I present to you my five internet style icons-- people whose looks I love, and who always have a wardrobe shot or two to put the kick back in my closet. Here goes--

1. Nubby Twiglet. Girl knows how to put an outfit together. I have a feeling that Warhol would be proud.

2. Emily from The Black Apple. Not only does she have really sweet, old-world-schoolgirl style, but her blog picks out some good finds for the rest of us, as well.

3. Alex from Alex The Girl. She's more about writing than style, generally, but when she has pics of fashiony things, she always looks Anthro-chic.

4. Maria via Craftster. The coolest part of this is that she made the skirt...and about half of the other stuff she wears. YAY CRAFT!

5. LookBook. okay, i cheated, it's not a person...I just couldn't decide between all the supersweet looks here. Check it out-- this is my best recommendation for dull closet syndrome.

peace out!