every once in a while, i open approximately 300 windows on my computer and go from store to store, blog to blog, madly clicking and linking, and do a run of everything that is cool. here is the product of that. hope you enjoy.

classic hipster sarcasm. pencil. ($4.50)
love love love. ($12 for 3 different prints)
no idea if this is buy-able, but it sure is inspiring.
not sure what i'd use them for, but that doesn't decrease how cool they are. ($6)... (for 12)
he plays the keyboard. she rocks the microphone. perfection, thy name is inter-band relationships. ($20)
they come in colors, too, but i kinda dig how the sheer ones make the roses look like tattoos. ($32)
if i don't have this in my closet within two weeks, there's a 98% chance of crying. ($23)
impossibly cute. be brave and DIY. (tutorial)
I tried to think of somewhere i'd rather have my next b-day present from, and i came up empty. Single glass ($18).
what makes this NOT the most boring toothbrush you've ever seen? it's made out of recycled yogurt lids. ($13). By the way, they do come in some colors, but due to the recycled nature of the toothbrushes, they cannot guarantee your choice.)

Keep Calm and Carry On Poster ($24)if you start reading one new blog this year, make it this. Morroccanmaryam.typepad.com.


p.s. to see a bunch of other cool stuff that didn't make the cut (i know, you thought i was just throwing in everything!), click on the image below.



1) Print Liberation

The obama shirt. ($15)
2) Little Odd Forest

LOF Merry Monster Sac. ($108)

3) ShanaLogic.com

Lovely Octopus Necklace. ($40)




more stuff, less "stuff" today:
I cannot even begin to describe this YouTube video. Except maybe to say, "I am not talking to you, but i will text you to tell you that i am not talking to you."
Altoids has had it's fair share of good ads, both print and commercial, but i love this.

LOOK! just when you thought i had failed you! something you can buy and hold in your hand(s). Limited edition print by 12Fifteen. ($18)




emails du jour:

1) from Fred Flare: they're having a b-day sale. strike while the iron is cute, as it were.
TokiDoki Polka Rock dress ($57)

2) from Modish. i just adore them. always. if i could do anything for a week, i'd be an indie art curator.
Betty 4-print ($30)Kitten with Scissors print ($35)
Golden Swan Brooch ($18)

3) from Ad Critic Creative... but the silly elitists removed the content from their site after seven days (longer than it takes me to check my mail), so here's youtube. the point is, although the Schweppes thing is cool, it's really Garth Davis who's worthy of being posted. check out his "Herringbone" ad, too. Cute.

1:30-second ads that make you wish creative directors made feature-length films: priceless.

(kinda reminds me of those artsy Sony ads... )


Do you know how many emails are in my inbox?

The answer to that question is approximately 300. That's over seven times the meaning of life (42). whoa.
and you know what they all are telling me?
(except for the ones that want me to go to their completely obscure, cereal-box colleges?)
they are telling me what is new.

so i've decided that i've been going about this blog thing the entirely wrong way.

from now on, i'm just going to tell you what i know, show you what i see.
some of it you can buy, some of it you can listen to, and some of it is so far removed from Paypal accounts and shopping carts that you can only THINK about it, but not actually hold it in your hand.

So, here goes. dawning of a new era.