World of Good Fair Trade Company

If last week's "Save the Animals" post wasn't hard-core enough for you, try this on for size:
www.WorldofGood.com. This amazing website features dozens of international crafters who make gorgeous things with their hands in order to survive in poverty-striken countries. The goods are amazingly beautiful and you'll feel beyond good about helping out. The items are priced fairly (less than their knock-off counterparts at "import" stores) and completely authentically handmade. Just look at the two examples above: A wooden handpainted box from Russia ($19.95) and an adorable elephant ornament, available in three colors ($6.95). These are only a small fraction of the awe-inspiring work you'll find. And how good will you feel knowing that your purchase helped a family get through the day? Way good.


AND then what necklace by Evod

You know what feels good?
(Well, even more than whatever teenagers will tell you feels good?)
Getting something fun and, like, saving the world at the same time.

Evod is totally my hero because if you buy something from their "Etsy for Animals" section, they give the proceeds to Etsy's animal charity of choice. Now, this is not going to prevent me from buying some stuff of their's that isn't in that category, but it sure as hell isn't going to dissuade me any. This necklace goes out to typographers, design students and font-junkies worldwide. It's okay guys, you can embrace your love for all things letter-y. And you can do it in an incredibly classy way (read: not replicating Comic Sans MS on your arm in Sharpie).
So, go on. Embrace your inner geek (you know he loves you, and he needs all the attention he can get) and save the animals while you do it. Or, just buy a bunch of stuff for fun. Hey, with all the compliments you get, you're DEFINATELY saving the world.
From www.evod.etsy.com.


Dolly Day

I'll admit, I was pretty excited when the whole russian doll motif started coming back into style. My parents have always had three or four floating around the house, and they totally fascinate me. The fact that they are now appearing on every surface available and their imagery has been accepted as pop-art only makes me appreciate them more. So, as a special "I'm-So-In-Love-With-This-Trend-I-Can-Hardly-Sit-Still" feature, here are the five best Russian Doll-themed items money can buy.

Nesting Russian Doll Plates from FredFlare.com
I love the color and pattern assortment. One set of four plates (one per color)= $28.00 plus shipping from Thomas Paul and the awesome guys at Fred Flare.

Matryoshka Coin Purse from RunAmok
The sweet maker of these dolls, notecards, and coin purses sent me a prototypical patch of her famous Kokeshi doll, gratuit, back when she was making them on Craftster. It looks like her skill (and generosity) has gotten her far on etsy. One purse= $10 plus shipping from Runamok.etsy.com.

Fambee Poppet Pouch
I went to Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn over the weekend and picked up this exact pouch. It is holding my cell phone as we speak. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!!! You have no idea how many compliments I've gotten on it in just a few days. Anyway, i was thrilled to see OneGoodBumblebee.com also carrying it. Pick it up on Fambee's etsy or at One Good Bumblebee. One pouch= $12 plus shipping.

Matryoshka Hair Clips from MattheaMade
I don't usually wear hair clips, but when they're small and friggin' adorable, there's no better time to start. Four clips= $11.00 from the very rockin' Mattheamade.etsy.com.

Nesting Dolls Stamp Set from The Small Object
Okay, one more thing: while I was at Renegade, i also picked up some insanely cute stamps from The Small Object. The greatest thing about them is that I can creat my own crafty goodness with Sarah's mad handiwork. Four stamps= $24.00 plus shipping. (Hurry, limited run of 200.)

Rock on, dolls.


White Epic Storyboard by Button Collective

Now I don't know about you, but I have a bit of an obsession with pins. Or badges, or buttons, whatever you call them. I have this messenger bag that i carry with me basically everywhere that is absolutely covered with them. The only probelm is, when you drag a bag like that all over the country, you lose quite a few pins, and the ones that do survive are generally bashed in beyond recognition. How do i quench my fetish AND keep the pins looking shiny and new? This effing brilliant invention. These people are gods. Etsy has always been a big attraction for me, but with outta-the-box thinkers like Button Collective behind them? Unstoppable.

($70 plus shipping at Etsy)


Crown Necklace from By The Beard of Zeus

let's not waste any time, here.
people like attention.
they also like being important,
and knowing everything,
which they are totally sure that they do.
and do you know who always got their way, and always were paid attention to, and were never, ever questioned in their decision-making?
members of the royal family.
now i am not talking about today's kings and queens and princes and princesses, no way. today's are merely figureheads. i'm talking about those who really held the power and lay down the law any way they chose. they knew how to roll.
pay homage to them with this awesome crown necklace from Bythebeardofzeus.com (ooh, it's so shinyyyyyy). it's the least you can do, we're not asking for grovelling here. yet.
but mark my words:
if your best friend "borrows" this lovely piece of adornment from you...


Ship Mitts from Dainty and Dirty

American teenagers don't agree on alot (see hip hop, george bush, and jones soda), but one thing that they are unanimously agreed on is that pirates rock. I (correctly, i think) blame the shooting popularity of Disney's Pirates of the Carribean series, but the obsession doesn't end at a love of Orlando and Johnny. Pirates have become fresh, cool, and timeless. Think about it-- they were the original rebels. The original punk rockers, if you will. Ask anyone under the age of twenty and they'll nod enthusiastically when you propose leaving behind exams and after-school jobs in exchange for a life on the high seas.
So, being that pirates are so utterly punk rock, it makes perfect sense that the brilliant Dainty and Dirty Co would combine a classic rock n' roll staple (fingerless gloves) with the object of all pirates' affection (a beautiful ship). Perhaps it's the crisp design, the old-world style of the ship rendering, or just my yearning to get back to scallywag roots that draws me to these. Whatever it is, I'd rather be cursed than go on living without these babies.
($25 plus shipping, Daintyanddirty.com)

Emotibud Earbud Set via ShanaLogic.com

Music is a form of expression. This concept is not new to us.
However, sometimes the people you pass on the street can't hear the music you're hearing, however loudly your earbuds are blaring away. So when your friend asks you to join them for some hideously boring outing, they don't realize that you're playing "You Can't Always Get What You Want" at full-blast for a very particular reason. This can infuriate people, especially people like me who synch their playlists with their emotions.
Fortunately, this sad predicament will never occur again. And do you know why that is?
These lovely buddies. Emotibud Earbuds are brilliant. They clip onto your earbuds and instantly up your cool by 300%-- and have an added bonus of telling your fellow humans whether to strike up a convo or step off. Like i said, brilliant.
Snag a pair from ShanaLogic.com (formerly Pixel Girl Shop) immediately, and you'll be "Walkin' On Sunshine."