Dolly Day

I'll admit, I was pretty excited when the whole russian doll motif started coming back into style. My parents have always had three or four floating around the house, and they totally fascinate me. The fact that they are now appearing on every surface available and their imagery has been accepted as pop-art only makes me appreciate them more. So, as a special "I'm-So-In-Love-With-This-Trend-I-Can-Hardly-Sit-Still" feature, here are the five best Russian Doll-themed items money can buy.

Nesting Russian Doll Plates from FredFlare.com
I love the color and pattern assortment. One set of four plates (one per color)= $28.00 plus shipping from Thomas Paul and the awesome guys at Fred Flare.

Matryoshka Coin Purse from RunAmok
The sweet maker of these dolls, notecards, and coin purses sent me a prototypical patch of her famous Kokeshi doll, gratuit, back when she was making them on Craftster. It looks like her skill (and generosity) has gotten her far on etsy. One purse= $10 plus shipping from Runamok.etsy.com.

Fambee Poppet Pouch
I went to Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn over the weekend and picked up this exact pouch. It is holding my cell phone as we speak. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!!! You have no idea how many compliments I've gotten on it in just a few days. Anyway, i was thrilled to see OneGoodBumblebee.com also carrying it. Pick it up on Fambee's etsy or at One Good Bumblebee. One pouch= $12 plus shipping.

Matryoshka Hair Clips from MattheaMade
I don't usually wear hair clips, but when they're small and friggin' adorable, there's no better time to start. Four clips= $11.00 from the very rockin' Mattheamade.etsy.com.

Nesting Dolls Stamp Set from The Small Object
Okay, one more thing: while I was at Renegade, i also picked up some insanely cute stamps from The Small Object. The greatest thing about them is that I can creat my own crafty goodness with Sarah's mad handiwork. Four stamps= $24.00 plus shipping. (Hurry, limited run of 200.)

Rock on, dolls.

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