Ship Mitts from Dainty and Dirty

American teenagers don't agree on alot (see hip hop, george bush, and jones soda), but one thing that they are unanimously agreed on is that pirates rock. I (correctly, i think) blame the shooting popularity of Disney's Pirates of the Carribean series, but the obsession doesn't end at a love of Orlando and Johnny. Pirates have become fresh, cool, and timeless. Think about it-- they were the original rebels. The original punk rockers, if you will. Ask anyone under the age of twenty and they'll nod enthusiastically when you propose leaving behind exams and after-school jobs in exchange for a life on the high seas.
So, being that pirates are so utterly punk rock, it makes perfect sense that the brilliant Dainty and Dirty Co would combine a classic rock n' roll staple (fingerless gloves) with the object of all pirates' affection (a beautiful ship). Perhaps it's the crisp design, the old-world style of the ship rendering, or just my yearning to get back to scallywag roots that draws me to these. Whatever it is, I'd rather be cursed than go on living without these babies.
($25 plus shipping, Daintyanddirty.com)

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