Emotibud Earbud Set via ShanaLogic.com

Music is a form of expression. This concept is not new to us.
However, sometimes the people you pass on the street can't hear the music you're hearing, however loudly your earbuds are blaring away. So when your friend asks you to join them for some hideously boring outing, they don't realize that you're playing "You Can't Always Get What You Want" at full-blast for a very particular reason. This can infuriate people, especially people like me who synch their playlists with their emotions.
Fortunately, this sad predicament will never occur again. And do you know why that is?
These lovely buddies. Emotibud Earbuds are brilliant. They clip onto your earbuds and instantly up your cool by 300%-- and have an added bonus of telling your fellow humans whether to strike up a convo or step off. Like i said, brilliant.
Snag a pair from ShanaLogic.com (formerly Pixel Girl Shop) immediately, and you'll be "Walkin' On Sunshine."

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