Crown Necklace from By The Beard of Zeus

let's not waste any time, here.
people like attention.
they also like being important,
and knowing everything,
which they are totally sure that they do.
and do you know who always got their way, and always were paid attention to, and were never, ever questioned in their decision-making?
members of the royal family.
now i am not talking about today's kings and queens and princes and princesses, no way. today's are merely figureheads. i'm talking about those who really held the power and lay down the law any way they chose. they knew how to roll.
pay homage to them with this awesome crown necklace from Bythebeardofzeus.com (ooh, it's so shinyyyyyy). it's the least you can do, we're not asking for grovelling here. yet.
but mark my words:
if your best friend "borrows" this lovely piece of adornment from you...

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