AND then what necklace by Evod

You know what feels good?
(Well, even more than whatever teenagers will tell you feels good?)
Getting something fun and, like, saving the world at the same time.

Evod is totally my hero because if you buy something from their "Etsy for Animals" section, they give the proceeds to Etsy's animal charity of choice. Now, this is not going to prevent me from buying some stuff of their's that isn't in that category, but it sure as hell isn't going to dissuade me any. This necklace goes out to typographers, design students and font-junkies worldwide. It's okay guys, you can embrace your love for all things letter-y. And you can do it in an incredibly classy way (read: not replicating Comic Sans MS on your arm in Sharpie).
So, go on. Embrace your inner geek (you know he loves you, and he needs all the attention he can get) and save the animals while you do it. Or, just buy a bunch of stuff for fun. Hey, with all the compliments you get, you're DEFINATELY saving the world.
From www.evod.etsy.com.

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