emails du jour:

1) from Fred Flare: they're having a b-day sale. strike while the iron is cute, as it were.
TokiDoki Polka Rock dress ($57)

2) from Modish. i just adore them. always. if i could do anything for a week, i'd be an indie art curator.
Betty 4-print ($30)Kitten with Scissors print ($35)
Golden Swan Brooch ($18)

3) from Ad Critic Creative... but the silly elitists removed the content from their site after seven days (longer than it takes me to check my mail), so here's youtube. the point is, although the Schweppes thing is cool, it's really Garth Davis who's worthy of being posted. check out his "Herringbone" ad, too. Cute.

1:30-second ads that make you wish creative directors made feature-length films: priceless.

(kinda reminds me of those artsy Sony ads... )


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