every once in a while, i open approximately 300 windows on my computer and go from store to store, blog to blog, madly clicking and linking, and do a run of everything that is cool. here is the product of that. hope you enjoy.

classic hipster sarcasm. pencil. ($4.50)
love love love. ($12 for 3 different prints)
no idea if this is buy-able, but it sure is inspiring.
not sure what i'd use them for, but that doesn't decrease how cool they are. ($6)... (for 12)
he plays the keyboard. she rocks the microphone. perfection, thy name is inter-band relationships. ($20)
they come in colors, too, but i kinda dig how the sheer ones make the roses look like tattoos. ($32)
if i don't have this in my closet within two weeks, there's a 98% chance of crying. ($23)
impossibly cute. be brave and DIY. (tutorial)
I tried to think of somewhere i'd rather have my next b-day present from, and i came up empty. Single glass ($18).
what makes this NOT the most boring toothbrush you've ever seen? it's made out of recycled yogurt lids. ($13). By the way, they do come in some colors, but due to the recycled nature of the toothbrushes, they cannot guarantee your choice.)

Keep Calm and Carry On Poster ($24)if you start reading one new blog this year, make it this. Morroccanmaryam.typepad.com.


p.s. to see a bunch of other cool stuff that didn't make the cut (i know, you thought i was just throwing in everything!), click on the image below.

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