Anime Girls tee from PalmerCash

There is one myth about teen style that i will not try to disprove: teenage girls (or girls of any age, for that matter) are physically drawn to things that are cute. This used to be a very fine line to find, much in the same way that "cool" is today (and that is why you adore helpful people like me called coolhunters... but that's another story), but now is seems to be much more simplified. All you must avoid is being to "cutesy," which basically means all you have to avoid is combining a cute image with pastel coloring. Brights are essential to obtaining a japanese-pop look rather than a Precious Moments look.
ANYWAY, seeing as "cute" is so easy to come by these days, it is very noteworthy when something, such as this adorable tee shirt from palmercash.com exceeds the boundaries of everyday cute and does something actually new and innovative. Japanese anime-style is not new, patterned shirts are not new, but the two concepts combined in duo-color (and BRIGHT, not PASTEL, pink) is just enough to make this shirt stand out. I can also easily picture both the preppy girls and the punk rock girls in my school wearing this, meaning that it has achieved something practically impossible. Hats off, PalmerCash.

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