Chuck Klosterman's Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs

Okay, kids. I make no claims to have cool-hunted this one. Apparently, most of the hipster universe has already found out about the amazing work of Chuck Klosterman. No, this goes out to the teen universe, which apparently has no idea who Klosterman is. The teen universe is seriously missing out, though. Klosterman has a writing style which, while i cannot say it is exactly unique, possibly because it resembles the conversations we all have with ourselves every day, is brilliant. He exposes that which we take for granted, that which we ignore, and that which we have not yet recognized its full potential or stupidity. Buy this book, IMMEDIATELY. Once you do, erase everything from your calender... this is a book you would gladly lock yourself in a broom closet in order to read. Forget school, man.

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